Oregon K-12 Adjudication Background Checks for school. Did you know that in order to be a contractor or a tradesperson at a construction site at a school with students K-12 that a background check is usually mandatory? Oregon law requires it.

The statute, ORS 342.143(3), outlines 28 offenses that would prohibit a school from employing an individual. This applies to builders, carpenters, electrical workers, plumbers, masons, landscapers, painters – any outside person who would potentially be in contact with children. The laws for this vary from state to state – but most states have something similar to the Oregon statute in place. Our background checks are thorough and include criminal, federal, statewide, MVR and more. We check aliases, social security information, and work history. The laws were put in place to protect children from people with a history of violence and/or sexual offenses.

Our background check platform uses cutting-edge technology, to help ensure a comprehensive search. We have a quick turnaround and have competitive pricing. Our results are accurate and records are vetted and verified.

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