Wow. A recent ruling by the Riverside Court of Appeals in California prohibits background searches that use dates of birth or a driver’s license number.

The Riverside Court is not alone, in California. Fresno, Kern, Ventura, and L.A. counties also uphold this ruling.

The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) is on it. Working with the Consumer Data Industry Association, they came forth with an amicus brief declaring that such rulings could lead to utter disaster in nearly every sector of the California economy.

Background screenings are not frivolous. They are necessary. Done right, they do not infringe upon someone’s rights. They give potential employers a bird’s eye view of potential employees. An employer has every right to know what sort of person he/she is hiring and whether a person’s past might have a negative impact on a job position.

Fortunately, there is a loophole in this ruling. You can obtain these records in person. Legal Locator Service will obtain records in person when needed. Meanwhile, the PBSA continues to challenge the ruling.

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