Nearly 40 million people quit their jobs in 2021. It was a tumultuous time that left people afraid to stay in jobs where they felt exposed to COVID-19. People began to assess their work lives, as well.

Legal Locator Service, a background screening company, has been especially busy these days as companies continue to try to hire people to fill vacancies. However, we have some advice we’d like to offer about how you can keep the employees you have.

The bottom line is, retaining employees saves you money.

How do you keep employees? By communicating. And think of your role as being the “listener.”

You can structure different ways to check in with people. You can send out surveys that take the pulse of staff. In the surveys, you ask: What are any issues you are experiencing right now?

You might create focus groups, comprised of HR and/or team leaders, who meet in person with employees. Company leaders can also schedule one-on-one meetings with employees, to check in. People need to know they are valued.

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