One issue that businesses of all sizes have to contend with is cybersecurity. A 2018 study revealed that nearly 70 percent of small to mid-sized business owners polled had experienced a cyber-attack over the course of a year; some large companies reported attempted cyber-attacks on a DAILY basis. Studies also show that it is more likely a cyber-attack will occur from within a company. You can reduce the chances of this happening by ensuring that all of the employees you hire – including contract workers, also known as contingent workers – are carefully screened.

It is best not to expose yourself to risks, just because you feel that some of your hires may be temporary. And even though an employee is vetted, it is also essential that he/she is carefully trained regarding computer protocols. Employees who are not trained thoroughly can inadvertently enable a cyber-attack. It is also good practice to make sure that employees only have access to data and programs that are needed for their jobs. Call Legal Locator Service to discuss your background check screening needs. We customize our services to best serve you.

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