Today’s job landscape is very different than that of years past, when people once sought steady full-time positions with a company. Today there are an estimated 75 million freelancers who are part of what is known as the “gig economy” – they contract with companies for work that is typically part-time and non-permanent.

The “gig economy” is not just employee-driven – it also appeals to businesses who may experience temporary employment needs. They may be busier during particular times of the year. It works for them to hire contingent workers. Because many of these hires are self-employed people – and the positions are non-permanent – employers may skip background checks. Unfortunately, some businesses are now paying a price for hiring people without screening them first. Lawsuits have been filed by customers who have been harmed by workers who, in fact, had criminal backgrounds.

Direct customer contact is not your only concern – what if your new, unscreened employee has access to sensitive information? Legal Locator Service can help. We offer affordable, accurate background checks with quick turnaround times. Call us toll-free at 866-225-2435 or 503-697-5821 to discuss your screening needs.