The hiring world is tumultuous right now. So many companies and businesses need to hire employees – and are struggling to find people.

When things change, you have to change. In order to attract employees, you may need to look at your work standards and your work culture.

Some companies are now offering sign-on bonuses – and they are also paying people for referrals. They are also increasing pay rates. But even that is not enough. If you can offer people a career rather than just a place to collect a paycheck, your business will be more appealing to job seekers. Encourage a sense of community. Offer options even if it is for a few months.

Also, you will attract employees if you present yourself as a place that encourages growth. For example – offer incentives for people to seek certifications and degrees. Offer programs where people can volunteer in the community.

As desperate as you may be to hire people, it’s not wise to forgo background screening. What IS wise is to have a process that offers a quick turnaround. It is reasonable to have results within 48 hours.

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