With summer upon us, organizations are looking for volunteers. Community recreation departments, schools, churches, and summer camps rely on volunteers.

The best way to find GOOD volunteers is to treat your search the same way you would search for paid employees. Advertise your needs, be clear about the job responsibilities, and stress the benefits that volunteering will provide. People who have the available time and skills to give as volunteers want to find places that are a good fit for them – and places where they will be treated professionally.

It’s important to vet and interview potential volunteers thoroughly. Especially when they will be working with vulnerable populations, such as school-aged children. This is why the hiring process should also include background screening. No matter who the volunteers will work with, you need to be sure you are not risking any unneeded liabilities with the people who come into your organization.

Legal Locator Service has been screening applicants for 27 years. We can verify identification, previous employment, references, and check criminal history. We’re affordable, FCRA-compliant, quick, and accurate. Call us at 866-225-2435 (toll-free) or 503-697-5821. Certified Women-Owned Business. Multilingual speaking office.


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