It is challenging for HR directors who need to ensure the hiring process is compliant – yet achieved within a tight budget.

First assess what your needs are. Look at your company’s immediate future. Will it be adding jobs requiring new verifications? Will positions be modified and require additional screening? Also, is the company likely to expand or downsize?

Next, audit your current screening process. Is the company you use employing best practices? Is the back-and-forth between you, potential hires and the screeners as efficient as possible?

Let your background screening company know that you must streamline. Interestingly, it is not always cheaper to bundle services. Be specific about what you need. The goal is to conduct background checks that ensure your company is being compliant with laws and regulations.

The theme here is finding a background screening company that understands your budgeting needs and will work with you. You need a partner that communicates well and easily.

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