Applying for A New Job?

Check Your History before Your Prospective Employer Does

Applying for a new job is that all-important task we face in life. No one wants a disadvantage because of an unfavorable background check. Before you start out on that job-seeking journey, we recommend that you read our tips below. Your current employer may tell you that existing employees will face job screening as well.

  • Do your own background check. See what an employer’s background check uncovers.
  • Order your credit report and check it for inaccurate information. Many employers obtain credit reports when conducting background checks on job applicants and existing employees.
  • Check court records under your name. If you have an arrest record or have been involved in court cases, check the files at the county where the incidents were filed. Make sure the information is correct and up to date. This is very important if your case has been expunged, sealed, or dismissed, or if you have been a victim of criminal identity theft.
  • Go to DMV and request a copy of records, especially if you are applying for a job that involves driving.
  • Clean up your online information. Conduct a search in your name in quotation marks (“Jane Doe”) in the search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Try to remove negative sources. Check your profiles in social networking such as Facebook, and Instagram, review, and if necessary, edit your postings and blogs. Employers view social networking sites. Keep content that highlights your positive achievements.
  • When you sign a job application, you will be asked to sign a consent form if a background check is conducted. Read the statement carefully and ask questions if the authorization statement is not clear. Jobseekers are in a difficult position, since refusing to authorize a background check may risk chances of getting the job. Always check the box that says you agree to obtain a copy of the report. Always, read the fine print.