If you’re a fan of reality shows and crime shows, you might notice how “easy” it seems to access information on the Internet about people suspected of wrongdoing. Unfortunately, this leads people to believe they can find out what they need to know about others by simply doing Google searches or even paying online companies who promise access to databases. The facts are: you can’t be sure such online databases are accurate or up-to-date. They also cannot provide the comprehensive overview a reputable background checking company will provide.

Legal Locator Service has access to the relevant information employers need about prospective hires – and we verify our findings. For example, you might go to LinkedIn and learn about a person’s educational history. LLS will verify such information. We also verify employment history, criminal history, information such as military service, and references. We also comply with The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Legal Locator Service will give you the accurate information you need to make sound hiring decisions. We work quickly and affordably, and customize our services to your needs.

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