When the pandemic began in March 2020, some things got harder in background screening. Some courts closed and/or greatly reduced their hours. Checking with the courts is often part of our work – and this proved to be a challenge.

Horrible weather – the snowstorms, the wildfires last fall – also caused courts to close.

We know how to navigate these things, however. After 25 years in business, we have created relationships with many courts nationwide. We know court clerks we can email or call. We don’t tell clients: “Sorry, we can’t get that information to you for a while.” We use our connections and our expertise to get answers.

It’s not just the courts. It became harder to verify employment after businesses closed. It is harder to check educational credentials when schools are closed. It is harder to verify references when people have left their jobs – or their job was phased out.

One of the strengths of Legal Locator Service is that we started out as a private investigative firm 25 years ago. We are used to roadblocks. We always have a Plan A. And a Plan B. We will get your answers so that you can hire quickly.

For fast and ACCURATE results – contact Legal Locator Service at 866-225-2435 toll-free or 503-697-5821 for all your background screening needs.
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