If you have interviewed a job applicant and decided that he/she is not a good fit, it is important to handle this carefully.

If you turn someone away, he/she may take to social media and badmouth your company. They may also post their experience on job boards. They might simply talk about it, and cause negative feelings towards your company.

However, you are entitled to not hire someone who may have presented poorly in an interview. Someone who is late, or not professional, unenthusiastic, or just unprepared.

Take notes. And then write the person a letter, where you mention their good qualities, but let them know you filled the position. Do so in a timely manner.

And if it turns out you don’t want to hire someone due to results that turn up in a background check, then you need to follow Adverse Action procedures, as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Send an initial letter saying you have decided not to hire them, due to the screening, and after five days – send a “Notice of Adverse Action” letter.

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