Accuracy? Cost? Turnaround time? Customer Service? Does your company conduct employee background checks? Most likely all of the above is important to you. Accuracy is a MUST! All reports need to be FCRA compliant. Cost is important of course. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and sometimes less. Turnaround time is so important because you need to hire someone. Customer Service is also important. When you want to speak to someone you do not want to speak to a robot that transfers you all around. At Legal Locator Service our cost is competitive.

Legal Locator Service vets and verifies records at the source. Legal Locator Service has a great turnaround time to place your applicants quickly. There’s a customer service motto: The person calling you on the phone is just as important as the person who walks in the front door. There’s really no difference between the two. We answer the phone.

Call Legal Locator Service today at 886 225-2435 or 503 697-5821 for comprehensive background checks with a human touch. Our focus is on the customer, customer satisfaction, and supplying solutions that meet our customer’s needs which is what sets us apart.