You might own a business that has a lot of turnover by its nature. Perhaps it’s a seasonal business. Or perhaps you are growing quickly and are desperately in need of filling new positions.

In situations like these, people get tempted to skip the screening of applicants. Perhaps they feel that they or their Human Resources department does an adequate job of screening resumes and checking references. From there, it’s easy for many applicants to do well in an interview.

With every new hire, you may feel that your problems are being solved. The reality is, that without a professional background screening, it’s impossible to really know who you have hired. The results of this new hire may hurt customers, other employees, and ultimately, your company. A bad hire can lead to lawsuits.

For peace of mind, Legal Locator Service suggests checking criminal histories, including the Sexual Offender Registry, verifying identity, education, certifications, license, and prior employment. References are also important. We also can check other information that may be relevant to a position, such as credit, for example.

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