We talked last year about Internet Predators and the risks to your child: https://www.facebook.com/007inOregon/posts/584131028413554.  This year we would like to talk more about the risks outside of technology; such as substance abuse, risk taking, and safety guidelines when your kids are alone at home.

Good Decisions

During summer vacation kids and youths spend the greatest time at home or out with friends, often unsupervised. While they’re not in school, your child is making more decisions about what to do with their free time. Here are some tips you can follow to encourage your child to make the right choices.

  • Ask what their plans are for the day and check-in regularly
  • Offer to plan and host parties with them.
  • Set clear boundaries and consequences for substance abuse, whether it’s alcohol or drugs.
  • Talk regularly about risks and what they can say or do in certain situations
  • Encourage them to call whenever they’re in a difficult situation, no questions asked.  Fostering understanding and support is important.

When Your Child is Away

This summer your child may be taking a trip without you, or planning to spend a lot of time at a friends house. Be sure to form a partnership with their friend’s parents. Ask whether the kids will be left alone, if alcohol is easily accessible, and who they should call in an emergency.

Keeping Busy & Productive

Encourage your child to participate in a variety of activities. Help them find Summer camps or classes to take. If they are interested in earning money, help them find a job or do chores around the house. As much as possible, be available to transport them to and from activities if they do not have a license. Staying busy and engaged in other activities will help your child get the most out of summer!