Legal Locator Service is a provider of employment screening solutions globally. Since 1996, we have helped businesses make safer, informed hiring decisions with built in FCRA compliance, web-based intelligent technology, and easy to read comprehensive reporting. Legal Locator Service offers background checks for working flexibility through working remotely, part time or temporary employment.

Employees telecommuting have access to confidential information about customers or the company. Information regarding the business may be used to their advantage and could change the company’s image. Legal Locator Service offers a suite of comprehensive employment screening services and are customizable. Our Background Specialists work with you to customize screening packages unique to your business.

  • U.S. Based, FCRA Certified, Background Specialist
  • Affordable Record Searches
  • 24/7 access to Web-based Solutions
  • Built-In FCRA Compliance

Legal Locator Service is based in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and we are committed to providing employment screening solutions that are accurate, a quick turnaround time, and affordable pricing. Call the experts today at 866 225-2435 or 503 697-5821. Also, visit